Terms and conditions

§ 1 General

The following terms and conditions in their currently valid version govern the conditions for registration and use of the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal and the “BiSecur Gateway” app for door control.

Hörmann reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without giving reasons. The user will not be notified of changed terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the user to check that the terms and conditions are up to date.

The user declares consent to the currently valid terms and conditions with every login. General business terms and conditions of the user are not applicable.

§ 2 Utilisation

The services of the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal can be accessed atwww.bisecur-home.com or www.bisecur-home.de. Registering for the portal is required.

To use the functions via a mobile device (smartphone/tablet), downloading the “BiSecur Gateway” app is required. It is currently possible to use the “BiSecur Gateway” app on mobile devices that use the Apple IOS or Google Android operating systems. The user must download the necessary “BiSecur Gateway” app in the App Store​ or at Google ​ Play​. The conditions of the respective download platform apply for the initial download. The download is free of charge to the user. Operating the app requires an Internet connection, however, which may incur costs for the user, depending on the phone contract.

§ 3 Registration

Registration for the portal: When purchasing the “BiSecur Gateway”, the user is given the opportunity to create a user account for accessing the program via www.bisecur-home.com or www.bisecur-home.de. To do so, the user must enter his or her complete contact information and a password of their choice.

To be able to operate “BiSecur Gateway” via the portal, the device must be registered. The user receives a registration code when purchasing the “BiSecur Gateway”. This code authorises the user to control the BiSecur Gateway via the Internet portal.

Remote access: A device ID automatically assigned by the portal and a password of the user’s choice are stored on the portal for activating mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) and access management. This data is required in order to be able to set up remote access for mobile devices.

App registration: The user must use the user data given in the quick start guide for local operation for the initial set-up of the “BiSecur Gateway” app.

To be able to complete the registration, the user must agree to the validity of these terms and conditions as well as the Hörmann data protection policy.

For security reasons, the user is advised to change his or her password after the initial registration.

The login data may not be provided to a third party. The user is obliged to handle login data carefully and conscientiously.

§ 4 Data protection

All personal data collected as part of using the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal and “BiSecur Gateway” app will be collected, processed and used in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations.

The Hörmann data protection policy can be accessed at www.hoermann.de/bisecur-home/datenschutz and www.hoermann.com/bisecur-home/datenschutz.

§ 5 Confidentiality obligation

The data saved by users will not be used or assessed internally or externally for any purposes other than those stated. Further, Hörmann KG shall not pass on the users’ data to third parties in any form.

The data will only be saved by Hörmann KG in anonymous form, meaning that the data cannot be used in any way other than in the defined scope.

§ 6 Copyright

All content, information, images and services released by Hörmann are protected by copyright law. Their use is only permitted for registered users within the scope of the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal and “BiSecur Gateway” app. Any other use, particularly commercial reproduction, dissemination or publication for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

§ 7 Obligations of the user

The user shall refrain from any actions that will or could affect the functionality of the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal or the “BiSecur Gateway” app.

The user shall fulfil the required prerequisites with regard to hardware and software equipment to ensure problem-free operation.

§ 8 Failure, malfunctions

Hörmann aims to provide access 24 hours a day within the limits of technical and organisational possibility. Due to maintenance work, Internet-related malfunctions or force majeure, the accessibility of the portal or individual services may be limited or completely suspended.

The user has no claim to constant, uninterrupted accessibility of the portal or individual services.

§ 9 Liability

Hörmann KG is not liable for damages caused by the use of the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal or the “BiSecur Gateway” app. Further, Hörmann shall not be liable for the services being inaccessible, for loss of data or for other damage suffered by the user that is caused due to malfunctions or failures.

In particular, Hörmann KG shall not be liable for damage or disadvantages for the user due to malfunctions caused by third parties, especially concerning the accessibility or quality of the Internet connection, or due to violation of these terms and conditions.

Hörmann KG shall be liable only for wilful intent and gross negligence in the case of damages caused by the services offered. Further, the liability shall be limited to such damage that was typical and foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of this agreement. The previously stated limitations do not apply to damage from injury to life, body or health.

§ 10 Reservation of right

Hörmann KG reserves the right to change the services provided free of charge of the Hörmann “BiSecur Home” portal or the “BiSecur Gateway” app at any time, provide new services with or without charge and to discontinue the provision of free services.

§ 11 Final provisions

Collateral agreements, supplements and amendments to these terms and conditions require written form.

Should one of the provisions of this Agreement be or become invalid, void or voidable, the remaining provisions remain valid.

Bielefeld shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.


The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.